Juana La Cubana

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Our History


Juana la Cubana Café originated in Guatemala, C.A. on February 23rd, 2001 under the name of Juana la Cubana Restaurant. After 12 successful years it was sold and Juana prepares to open its doors here in Florida as Juana la cubana Café.
Juana la Cubana is bringing the original flavor of that home cooking that has been lost through the years. It is here at Juana that you will taste those typical plates of the Cuban gastronomy which have been so popular around the world. Here at Juana you will have the opportunity of tasting the delicious PORK ROAST which is one of the most traditional plates, let’s not forget our PICADILLO a very popular plate of ground beef so richly seasoned and cooked with wine that it is out of this world. A few other very popular plates are our acclaimed VACA FRITA and ROPA VIEJA these have been the most demanded plates for their flavor.
Our Cuban sandwiches have the proper ingredient as they were made in Cuba through the years that will satisfy your taste buds.
If you decide to come early for breakfast you are in for a treat since our breakfast is really different. You must try our omelette’s, they are spectacular, and they are the real SPANISH OMELETTE.
To end it all don’t forget our CUBAN COFFE to culminate this breakfast designed for a KING or QUEEN.

It is our best wishes at the beginning of this day to give you a little of that Cuban flavor and the happiness which Cubans always have in their heart, but most important to put a little piece of Cuba in your heart so you will carry on this great day.


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